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      You may probably know the opera mini app, because its one of the most commonly used browser. The browser has a lot of cool features from fast and uninterrupted download plus resume download whenever it was interrupted, but the most astonished feature of this browser is the quick media button, which makes it easy to download music and video at one click. Some web designers use a lot of ads (adverts) to cover there site and it is very difficult or impossible to download music or videos from there sites, most times, you will be redirected to unknown sites. All those Bullshits are over.
      Now I’m gonna show you how to use this feature and enjoy uninterrupted media download.

      Open opera mini browser, Goto google and search for the desired music or video. Or you can go to any website directly and search for the music or video.

      Click the little play icon on the top left conner

      Here you can choose to play online or download directly to your phone.

      This will save you from scrolling up and down looking for how to download it, which are not there in most cases.

      NOTE: Any website you cant find the play icon, just leave, the file is not there, they are probably gonna waste your time to click there ads (adverts).
      Remember, this also works on heavy sites like fzmovies.


      Leave a comment below on your taught and opinion on the post, you are free to ask your questions.


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