NNU Forum – How To Get referrals To Register On Nnu Forum 2019.


How To Get referrals To Register On Nnu Forum is what i will be discussing here today. Greetings. Am Stanislaus, NNU Forum Affiliate and new tab)">JUMIA ONE Team Leader. Today I will be showing you how to get referrals on NNU Forum.

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This post on how to get referrals on Nnu Forum is not something i should have shared online. But for any person that sees it, Kudos! If you are a serious minded person, you should start making over 30k every month on NNU Forum after this. Do well to share it as well with whoever you love to see succeed in NNU Forum. First of all, join these Facebook groups blow:

One or more of these keywords must have landed you on this page:

  •  registering someone on
  • how can i make more money with nnu forum
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What you’re going to learn:

  • where to make your adverts.
  • what to write on your advert.
  • what to give to whoever that is interested.
  • how to register someone using your Nnu Forum USERNAME instead of link
  • where to easily and safely get NNU Forum E-Pin
  • how to apply Nnu Forum E-Pin
  • brief about NNU Forum
  • how to shorten your Forum referral link

If you’re ready. oya…let’s start!

I don’t know where to post advert daily….


ikorodu market:

9ja Market:

OYINGBO MARKET: 1830306527256980

Marketing place NG:

Nigeria Online Business Marketing/Advertising Arena:


PORT HARCOYOURT  MARKET: 624588431045325

what’sapp marketing:




Ikorodu Market:


Open Market Africa:

lagos Market:

Market place:

Kaduna Online Market:


TRU 9ja Market:

lekki, Ajah market:

Advertise your business  worldwide:

Ladies in business on point:

Unique Business Managers:

Market and sell:

Business Avenue:

Market place:

Abuja market place:

Business world:

Sell your stuff:

sell it:

Advertise your business:

Business arena online:

lekki/ ajah market advert:

Abuja market place:

Apart from Facebook, you can still head over to forums like NAIRALAND and make your adverts about NNU Forum as it has many people visiting it. So go and register with them FOR FREE and start driving audiences.

Also don’t forget to join Students Facebook groups. you can find these out by just searching on Facebook for any school.

Now Make Advert!!!

Time to make advert about NNU Forum business opportunity. On your WhatsApp status, Facebook stories, groups and timeline… Tag your friends who you know need this Nnu Forum business…. Post something like this:

Partner with 1 Nigeria News Update Website and get the privilege of being paid each time you share a post on your facebook, view a post on the website, create a post and login to the website. You can start today with a one time registration fee of N1400 and stand d chance to earn over 10k every month. Ask me how.

After “ask me how”, Put your WhatsApp number.

If someone picks interest by asking you “How?”

Give the person this brief info about NNU Forum:


Nnu Forum is all about helping a news website to broadcast their daily posts on your Facebook timeline so that it will reach many persons. U get a pay of 100 naira from NNU Forum each time you shares a post to your timeline. Whether person reads it or not, likes it or not, comment on it or not.. E no concern u. Just share and earn your money from Nnu Forum.

Secondly, >>> Nnu Forum respect you for even taking your time to login to their website. NNU Forum respects you by paying u 50 naira each time you login for the day. No website does that. Or is there any you know?

Thirdly >>> Nnu Forum pays u for also viewing their posts. Each time you view a post, u earn 10 naira. Instead of spending time wasting your data online, why not be reading posts and be commenting for income? NNU Forum pays you 20 naira for commenting on their site.

Fourthly, >>> This carries the maximum percentage of 71.5% of 1400naira paid by the person u introduced to Nnu Forum. Meaning that once “U” register, Nnu Forum will pay “ME” 1,000 naira for bringing you and they will take 400naira ONLY. Doesn’t it make sense to you? Who wont like to register millions of persons?

Registration fee is 1400naira (one time payment). So are you interested in registering?

Someone should pick interest. When they do, give them your NNU Forum referral link. Should look like this:

If the person wants you to register for him/her, follow the below guidelines. Request for the person’s details.

For your NNU Forum registration, drop the below details:

first and last name,

Active email address,

Phone number,

Username and password you will like to use.


Now for the registration:

if you have your NNU Forum Referral link, go through it and the form opens up. You should be seeing your username in d box for referral. Fill other forms without touching that box. If u don’t have your Referral link, click on We Pay Members On NNUForum! Register Now wen u open , clik on register now then fill the NNU Forum registration form. In d box for referral, type in your own username and den fill other details.

Then below the form, check d box that you accept d terms and conditions of NNU Forum. Select E-Pin and a box will drop down, then paste the E=Pin you got. And finally click on make payment.

Your 1k referral bonus should now be breathing cool in your dashboard

How to create your whatsapp link

just look at this :

Thats’s my own whatsapp link with my number ending it. So, edit it with your own number. Be careful! the zero that started my actual number isn’t there…

How to shorten your NNU Forum referral link/whatsapp link

To make ur NNU Forum Or your WhatsApp link more short and good, go to
Create an account with them via your email or facebook.  Login to your account and click on CREATE. Then paste your long whatsapp link/ Nnu Forum referral link on the box… E.g:
Then shorten it and in the box with the caption customise, edit the shortened link so that it will only be  that’s left. then add your WhatsApp number.. So that it will now look like

Wao! Thanks for reading y post on how to get referrlas to register on NNU Forum. Am sure you learnt How to get referrals on Nnu Forum. Put this post to work and see how far you can go on NNU Forum.

If you are yet to join NNU Forum, Use this link to register on NNU Forun

To learn how NNU Forum works, Check my post on how NNU Forum works

All the best!

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