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NNU Forum is currently HOT on the internet and NNU Forum Registration is on going using this Nnu Forum registration link. You don’t need to have referrals before NNU Forum will pay you. see a proof of NNU Forum earnings automatically added to wallet for withdrawal without any referrals.

If you were an old member of NNU Income, You need to read this

If you missed out on v1, you should not miss out on this v2 NNU Forum. Over 0.5 billion was paid out on the first NNU version and here is the v2 as a real time forum to earn more money online via forum discussion. How SWEET!

NNUforum is one of the relevant forum platforms in Nigeria. It has packaged a forum guide with a membership E-Book as its premium product. As such, NNU Forum system is not in any way a pyramid scheme. As a member, you are entitled to a membership E-Book product which is including forum guide and some other tips + more ways on how to make money online legitimately.



Membership Benefit And How To Earn Money with NNU forum 


NNU forum has simple ideology on making sure it’s members experience and enjoy online earning opportunity, NNU Income v2 discussion forum has the following earning features;

Monthly Revenue Sharing – NNU forum subscribers / participant earns money (100 Naira Daily via activities point by login in to their NNU forum account daily, reading and engaging in forum discussion, posting relevant forum topics and sharing viral post on Facebook.

Affiliate Commission – As a NNU forum member, you are also an affiliate after successful registration and you will be earning a huge commission of 71.5% = N1,000 per referral on anyone who joins the forum through your referral link or username. The more people you refer to join, the more 71.5% commission earning. So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantage of NNU Income opportunity daily, you will be earning N10,000 Naira in a day.

Who Can Participate and Why You Should Join NNU forum


Anyone with daily expenses and browsing device can take part in NNU Income Program. It is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online. Take advantage of your Facebook friends, Instagram followers, WhatsApp, phone contacts to make money, and stop wasting your precious time online.

Six Ways To Earn On NNU Forum

1. As an affiliate, you earn 71.5% per each referral. Which means when you introduce your friends to participate on NNU, you earn N1,000 Naira. (Optional)

As a participant, you earn cash for your activities on the forum.

2. Daily login: You earn N50 when you login to your account daily.

3. View Forum Topics: You earn N10 on each latest forum topics you read.

4. Relevant Comment / Discussion: You earn N20 on each new topic you contributed to.

5. Posting Forum Topic: You earn N200 for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that worth discussion and get approved on the website. You could even earn more between N500 to N1000 when you post more relevant, unique and original content on any categories.

Note that copied content including topics from other sites are not allowed.

6. Sharing viral post on Facebook: We assign a viral post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline daily; you earn N100 Naira daily on assigned post on your timeline. Note that our post must appear on your timeline before you can get paid.



 Referral  = N1000 X x number of people you refer

Daily login = N50

View Forum Topics = N10 per post

Comment = N20 per comment

Posting On Forum = N500 – N1000

Sharing Viral Posts to Facebook = N100

Approximately = N2500 – N3000 Daily

How To Register And Get Started

To join NNU forum, you need to purchase NNU Forum Guide + Membership E-Book with a token amount of N1,400 Naira only (one time payment). You can make payment online on registration form using your ATM card or online banking or using registration E-Pin.


How To Cash Out / Earning Withdrawal

The NNU Income Project v2, said it has come up with a remarkable working plan to make sure all participants benefit and cash out their earnings without losing or ending up getting frustrated. According to them, they want Nigerians to experience online earning opportunity and cash out to their bank accounts while retaining and sustaining NNU forum as a trusted and outstanding earning platform in Nigeria. As such, they are using a first come first serve and most active method on its monthly revenue sharing.

Both affiliate commission and activities earning are paid out upon withdrawal monthly based on activeness and membership duration on the forum. They assure that they will make sure no member is left out without getting paid so long the member is active and earn up to the maximum withdrawal threshold either with or without referral earning. Monthly income will be published with details of how revenue is shared in a specific month with beneficiaries list.

Minimum withdrawal is N5,000 which is  paid out every last day of the month to ensure stability and sustainability of the system; reasonable and awesome salary payment to your bank account monthly. Members profile and activities will be duly reviewed on the website from time to time including payment day in order to ensure no member is left out from the monthly payroll.

More Earning Opportunity

Without waiting for monthly revenue share, you can leverage on NNU E-Pin selling, agent or distribution opportunity. You will earn 15% per each E-Pin you sell to any prospective members on NNU Forum. E-Pin wholesale price is N1200 per pin and you can buy from minimum of 20 pins or more. Forum registration is N1400 which is the price you must sell to prospective members as you earn N200 naira profit per sales. Also your name will be added to the list of distributors on the website so you can be getting prospect from the NNU forum campaign.


In Summary

Registration fee: N1,400
Affiliate commission: 71.5% = N1,000
Agent / Distributors: 15% = N200 profit
Daily Login: N50
View Forum Topics: N10
Join Discussion: N20
Posting Relevant Topics: N200 – N1,000
Viral share on Facebook: N100

Withdrawal Threshold: N5,000min  Referral or no referral

Revenue share and payout every last day of the month base on activeness, membership duration and no members will be left out without payment.


About Author

A freelancer , A blogger good in tutorial making CEO of this Noble Blog Friendly Money maker Anonymous!


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