How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit Using Automate App

Hello friends, I bring to you another different tutorial on how you can bypass Hammer vpn daily limit without paying a dime. Just after posting a method on how you can bypass Hammer vpn daily limit, we just found another working method.

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Here on, we always try to make sure everyone browses for free and cheap without breaking a bank. That’s the purpose of this blog.

Recall, when we posted a step to bypass Hammer vpn daily limit by editing your Playstor.srf.h file using ES File Explorer. This step requires you to always edit your Playstor.srf.h file every time you exhaust your daily limit, but guess what? We have a trick that will do the editing for you automatically. Interesting right? Read on.
> First of all, download new tab)" href="" target="_blank">Automate APK Here and Automate Key Here.

> Install both apps on your phone

> Download Hammer Playstor FLO file Here

> Put the file in your Download folder

> Now, run the main Automate app and then click the three dots located at the top-right corner > Tap on Import and locate the Hammer Playstor.flo file and import it

> Now press Start

that’s all. You no longer have to be editing Playstor file every now and then via ES explorer. Just run Developer Option and turn on “Don’t Keep Activities”.

Connect to any Free server (Germany preferable), put 8080 in both ports and connect. Then quickly minimize your Hammer VPN, while checking the progress via notification tray/status bar to know when it’s connected. After it’s connected, you can go ahead and turn off “Don’t Keep Activities”.

NOTE: Don’t launch Hammer VPN until it’s disconnected. Whenever it disconnect, just repeat Don’t Keep Activities steps and reconnect back again and immediately minimize your Hammer vpn app.

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