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How to activate Glo 1.25GB for N200 – Sunday Data Plan

This is a period where everyone is forced to stay at home. Well, we will agree that the internet is one of the things that can help relieve or prevent boredom. But again, for many Nigerians, the issue has to do with data. How to activate Glo 1.25GB for N200

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Fortunately, Glo has been impressive in terms of bringing up cheap data bundles to ensure Nigerians enjoy their stay at home. After introducing the Glo Stay Home Data Plan, they have recently announced another superb data offer which is known as “Glo Sunday Data Plan”.

With the Glo Sunday Data Plan, you get 1.25GB of data for just ₦200. Yes! You read that right – Glo 1.25GB for N200.

Is this offer genuine? Yes! The Telecom announced it via all their social account, -Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here is the message:

“Get 1.25GB of data for just ₦200 to make your Sundays more pleasurable. Simply dial *777# and go to the “Night and Weekend” tab.”

You shouldn’t be surprised. Glo prides itself as a data king in Nigeria, as they are generous with their offer. One major challenge they’ve got currently is their slow network – and we are hoping they will work on it soon. But we will all agree that they usually release great offers as far as data is concerned.

Amazingly, the firm has been helpful in this period. Of course, people are currently staying safe at home and will need to engage themselves with stuff to get busy – and the internet is a major go-to place. And so, we found it impressive when Glo announced a Stay at home data plan offer – giving customers 20% on all their renewed/purchased data plan.

And now, here comes the latest: Glo 1.25GB for N200 – Sunday Data Plan

How to activate Glo 1.25GB for N200

Getting on is quite simple and easy. Just dial *777#, choose Night and weekend plans, then scroll down to the plan of your choice and click. Almost immediately, you will get your new data plan activated on your device, and it can be enjoyed on a single Sunday.

Don’t forget that you must have up to #200 before you can subscribe to this plan. Additionally, as far as the Validity date / Period is concerned, this will last for just a single day (on Sunday)

How to check data balance?

As a Glo user, you can check your data balance by dialing *127*0# on your mobile phone

Perhaps, you do not fancy this particular Glo offer, then you can take advantage of others, such as the daily 1GB for N300 plan, and the two-day 2GB for N500 plan.

In conclusion, we should applause Glo for bringing up these data plans in such a period like this, to lift the burden of their customers to an extent and help them enjoy the internet while staying safe at home. You can take advantage of any of their offers, and stay safe!

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