Four officers were arrested for assaulting a woman in Rivers state

Four police officers who assaulted a woman in Rivers arrested

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Below is the photo of the officers.  


The arrested officers

Four officers were arrested by the Nigerian police force (NPF) for the assault of a woman in a viral video. 

A video on social media showed a woman shouting along the highway at some armed policemen accusing them of inflicting an injury on her sister on the 1st of September which was on a Friday.  

The woman, whose name wasn’t in the video, was heard saying, “This is the Nigerian Police. Look at my sister’s mouth. Policemen gave my sister a beta injury, and you are here making a video of me. After giving my sister an injury, did you see anything in my sister’s bag? Never.”

The statement of the police on Monday mentioned that the officers have been identified and are currently in custody. 

The police assured that there would be a thorough investigation into the matter. 

The police also urged the woman seen in the video to step forward and tell her side of the story to ensure transparency and also to gather all perspectives. 

“Your input is crucial in helping us understand the situation fully. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities,” the police. 

“Please contact @PoliceNG_Rivers or 08036219523 or simply visit Rivers State Police Headquarters to provide your account and any other relevant information.”

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